In this short video, Voice Movement Therapist Marie-Lynne Sauvé
introduces you to the concept of Voice Movement Therapy.

It is the limitations of our being that make us sad and angry and constitute our fear. If one wants to change character (and, I would add, change restrictive habits of body, mind AND voice), it is not enough to talk about feelings; they must be experienced and expressed.

Alexander Lowen, Fear of Life

Finding Expression,

Finding Yourself

Voice Movement Therapy is a gentle yet powerful set of techniques where, in a safe and nourishing environment, you are encouraged to discover yourself: to find where you may be blocked and where you are free, to give full expression to your spirit and emotions and, in doing so, to learn to enjoy a better, more harmonious and more centred life.

VMT may help you move towards :
a deeper sense of connection with yourself and with your body; reclaiming your voice, your creativity and your self-expression; improving self-esteem and body image; finding meaning to illness and physical discomfort by dialoguing with your body; embodiment and integration on your spiritual path

The journey


We are explorers. And we begin our journey from where we are now — in the present moment. We take the time to go inside. To discover the reality of our existence.  We breathe, we come into contact with what is there in the body, in the emotions, in the joys, the challenges of life.  We find where there may be blockages, and give ourselves full permission to contact and express our deepest self.  Non verbally. Through sound, vocalization, movement.

The discovery


Some of us use voice movement therapy simply to improve our expression — to become more sure, more confident in our communications and social interactions. Others use it as a means of self discovery. There is no “typical” voice movement therapy session: each flows naturally, organically.

A sacred space

But whatever emerges, we undertake these deep, personal voyages in a sacred space, a safe, nurturing environment where, with a gentle guide, it becomes okay to express ourselves in ways that we may not be able to in our daily lives. The process allows us to uncover and give expression to what moves us, what blocks us, and what sets us free.

At the end of the each session, we take time to talk, to share, to let come us whatever comes up. We let ourselves be inspired by what we have brought to consciousness. Everything becomes possible here. We can pause to feel more deeply the changes we feel and  to understand how we can integrate what we have discovered to promote peace within ourselves and in our lives.

The transformation


Voice Movement Therapy can be cathartic, transformative. When we work to free the body  and spirit fundamentally, richly, and  deeply, it can trigger a self awareness far deeper than words can express or even reach. We become able to touch our  authentic self, beyond the level of mind and thought, as deep as the core of our existence itself.  There lies the reality of who we are. Becoming aware at this level, sitting with it, knowing it, understanding it, is the beginning of wisdom.

And when we bring this knowledge back to our daily lives, we can look upon ourselves and others with fresh eyes, and deeper understanding and look forward to a richer, more harmonious way of being.