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Voice Movement Therapy

Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) was conceived by Englishman Paul Newham, based on the pioneering methods of vocal facilitator Alfred Wolfsohn who aimed to develop malleable and flexible voices; the theatre work of actor and director Roy Hart with his emphasis on authentic expression through voice and movement; the acoustical analysis of otolaryngologist Dr Paul Moses who understood the various parameters of the human voice; the characterological bodywork of Wilhelm Reich in order to make links between the psyche and soma; and the psychological principles of C.G. Jung who encouraged a dialogue with the unconscious through creative process.

Sessions with Marie-Lynne are adapted to the client’s needs and goals. Each session is unique and unfolds
from being present with what occurs in the moment. For those drawn to creative work, time may be spent
breathing, singing, moving, creating and then reflecting upon that experience. Body awareness exercises
may be suggested, or time may be spent allowing emotion to flow and release through the body. Making
links and becoming aware of patterns through verbal exchange is also part of the process.

For more on the history and practice of Voice Movement Therapy, explore the links and resources below.

IVMTorgVoice Movement Therapy Practioners

To become a registered professional practitioner of Voice Movement Therapy, it is necessary to complete a full training and an extended supervision program approved by the IAVMT.

Resources / Links

International Association for Voice Movement Therapy

The Norma G. Canner Foundation for Voice Movement Therapy


Books by Paul Newham :
The Healing Voice: How to Use the Power of Your Voice to Bring Harmony into Your Life, Element Books Ltd., 1999.
The Singing Cure, Sounds True, 1998.
Therapeutic Voicework: Principles and Practice for the Use of Singing As a Therapy, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 1998.

Marie-Lynne Sauvé

Marie-Lynne has completed a Master’s degree in Counselling and Spirituality at Saint Paul University in April 2018.   She has also completed training in Voice Movement Therapy (VMT), studied music therapy and written a master’s thesis on The Therapeutic Effects of Vocal Improvisation. She has experience with somatic approaches, including Authentic Movement and Body-Mind-Centering and has led groups in Therapeutic Voicework that foster free expression of the inner landscape to bring about freedom and well-being. She sings with Anahat Shabd, a chanting group that uses singing and meditation to open consciousness and also teaches music and sight-singing to individuals and groups.