It is the limitations of our being that make us sad and angry and constitute our fear. If one wants to change character (and, I would add, change restrictive habits of body, mind AND voice), it is not enough to talk about feelings; they must be experienced and expressed.

Alexander Lowen, Fear of Life

Finding Expression,
Finding Yourself

Marie-Lynne Sauvé,  MA is a Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO), a Certified Canadian Counsellor and a Voice Movement Therapy Practitioner.

She offers individual and group sessions to support you on your journey to wellness.

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Are you going through a challenging time? Do you need to someone to talk to? Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, or relationship difficulties?

Psychotherapy can help you better understand your difficulties and make changes in your life to support balance and well-being.

Voice Movement Therapy

Are you curious about accessing the wisdom of your body? Are you seeking your authentic voice? Do you hear the inner calling of your creativity? 

Voice Movement Therapy may facilitate a deeper sense of connection with yourself and with your body; help you reclaim your voice, your creativity and your self-expression; improve self-esteem and body image; support meaning-seeking in illness and physical discomfort. It integrates body, voice and creativity into the therapeutic journey and thus facilitates a more wholistic integration.

The Spiritual Dimension

Are you struggling spiritually? Are you seeking to deepen your connection to spirit? Are you asking yourself questions about the links between psychological wounds and the spiritual path?

Therapeutic work within the psycho-spiritual lens can foster a deepening of the spiritual path, since tending to one’s inner wounds in a kind and loving way can open channels to compassion and inner freedom and thus enable a deeper connection with Spirit.

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