Hello everyone,

Let me tell you a bit about vocal improvisation today, as this is a central part of what drew me to Voice and Movement work.

When I first encountered the experience of free vocalisation, I felt that I had opened a door to communication with a deeper part of my being, a part that could speak truth to me as I allowed sound to emerge spontaneously from my body. It felt as though a channel had been opened up that welcomed my authentic expression, without the effort of having to find words to explain my experience. There was something freeing about this, that I may express the voices of the various selves living within me, and that it didn’t need to be filtered, or explained, or analysed. My expression could simply be received with no judgment, and I could just be, with the myriad beautiful and less-beautiful sounds that emerged. And further, I experienced that these varied sounds could be weaved into a song, my song of the moment, the music of the joy and pain that lived within me. The soundscape of my inner-life thus became art, as if a higher dimension was emerging, just by my allowing the voicing of my vulnerable inner-self.

In Voice Movement Therapy, Voice Movement Journeys are a means to facilitate this process of unfolding in the moment. When journeying, the guiding principle is to allow sound and movement to emerge spontaneously, by following inner sensation and the impulse that is held in the body. Sometimes, focusing on a specific body part, on a sensation, or on an image / achetype can serve to structure the process. Holding a question or an intention can also give direction to the experience.  If you would like to explore this in session with me, I will gently guide you through, one step at a time.  There is no right or wrong way to explore and all expression is welcome.